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To offer a complete logistics solution is hard, but not impossible at all. Logisticmart has been doing it since 2011.

When it comes to finding a popular online directory of logistic companies, the industry is replete with lots of options. And yet, Logisticmart's valued clients keep returning back to us. What is it about us that really makes us stand out in the cut-throat market? Well, it is simply the quality and total satisfaction, we offer to our customers.

Incorporated in 2011, headquartered in Gurgaon, Logisticmart was founded with a main aim to end the hassles of the customers they faced while searching for the best logistic service providers in India. The main objective of the company is to minimize the worries of the people by helping them to reach out the verified service providers effortlessly. 

To broaden its reach to the large number of the Internet-savvy customers, the company recently launched its mobile friendly website. It really helps to expand our reach in an online world.

Customers – Pillars of Our Every Growing Success

The priceless asset of Logisticmart is our Customers. They are without any doubt pillars of our success.  We thoroughly understand the importance of helping the clients to find out the logistic companies offering providing the fast, reliable and customized services. Through our highly experienced team of the professionals in the logistics business, we ensure that the customers get support of the expert professionals where all their doubts related to logistic companies are erased in a stress-free manner. 

Easy and Error Free Business Model

The company has a very efficient business model. Being a logistics listing company, it receives more than 100 calls in its toll free number. The queries are then passed on to the desired service providers in the local region. The companies then make a call to the customers and inform them about their services. The queries are provided to the companies after the thorough registration and background check.

Our Mission Speaks Volumes of Our Business

We really boast of one of the reputable logistic listing companies in India, but we haven't earned our position smoothly. It has taken us sheer dedication, fulfilling commitment and skilled workforce to make it happen. Our bread and butter comes from guiding the customers to put a full stop for their search for the logistic service providers offering high-quality services at the competent prices.  

Our track record, positive review ratings and loads of experience reveals everything about us – the top leaders in the industry; you can definitely bank upon for finding top-notch logistic companies and feel a lot happier!

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