Household Storage

Luggage Storage
It provides lockers and space for tourists and individuals to store their luggage in a new city.
File Storage
It is a best storage space for storing and organizing important files and documents.
Furniture Items Storage
It means specially designed space free from moist and rodents to store furniture.
Full Household Items Storage
It provides a space to store your all household items in one place.
Vehicle Storage
It is designed to store a car or other type of vehicle for certain period of time.
Student Bag Storage
This is a specially designed space for students to keep their bags for certain weeks in a new city.
Electronic Item Storage
This provides space to store electronic items such as computers, servers, electronic devices and more.
Room Storage
It provides a single room where you can store anything as per your interest.
Box Storage
It means your boxes containing goods will be picked up and taken to a storage facility.
Customized Warehouse
Customized storage spaces provide the means to keep your spaces clutter-free.

Comprehensive & Individual Cagre For all Patients

Consider household storage for your own storage requirements. Whether they are seasonal or household items, you can store them in the well-maintained storage units until the time you need them.

Furthermore, the warehouse service providers in India make use of the efficient climate control methods and incorporate modern safety features to ensure your items remain safe. There is a long-term and short-term choice. It's time to look into the affordable household storage choices at LogisticMart.

  • Flexibility You just pay for the actual space that you use.
  • Convenience Makes moving less painful.
  • Security: A centralized security monitoring system are provided.
  • Household Storage: It means storing household goods that are not required for certain time.

Commercial Household

Raw Materials
It stores materials that will be used to manufacture products
Finished Goods
It stores products that have come off the production ready to be sold
Hazardous Materials
Hazardous materials are separately stored from materials that easily catch fire.
Liquid Materials
It means storing liquid to protect them from dust particles and insects.
Grain Storage
It is meant for storing huge volumes of grain while protecting the quality.
Customized Warehouse
It provides a space as per your requirement
Office Item Storage
It means here you can securely store your office items and furniture
Automobile Storage
It provides space to store automobile parts

Comprehensive & Individual Cagre For all Patients

A commercial storage is a large building or facility designed to store goods or products for commercial purposes. These warehouses are used by businesses and organizations to store inventory, raw materials, finished products, and other goods until they are needed.

Commercial warehouses can be owned or operated by the businesses themselves, or they can be rented or leased from a third-party warehouse provider. Some warehouse service providers in India specialize in offering additional services such as order fulfillment, inventory management, and transportation logistics to help businesses streamline their supply chain operations. Commercial warehouses are an essential part of many industries and play a crucial role in ensuring that goods and products are stored and transported efficiently to meet customer demand.

389 Verified Warehouse Companies Near Me in India

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Every Self Storage or Warehouse company associated with LogisticMart goes through an extensive background inspection before we register them with us. We only connect verified and reliable Godown or Warehouse in India. LogisticMart has incorporated more than 4692 requests just in India. For each request, we do a follow-up call to ensure our customer's experience has been worthy.

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Discover Why LogisticMart is Everyone’s Favorite to Choose Best Warehouse Companies in India

Logistics Companies in India offers a proper management of goods and materials between two destinations.

Get Connected with the verified and cost-effective warehouse companies in India Instantly. With LogisticMart, you can quickly compare various storage service providers and choose the one that best matches your needs.

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Due to the high cost of real estate in India and, both individuals and businesses should rethink how they currently use their workspaces or residential spaces. Too much "stuff" can create a mess and reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of living and working environments. Clutter kills efficiency and degrades quality of life. We connect you with the best warehouse companies in India offering safe, and affordable solution.

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LogisticMart is committed to connect you with a competitive and more useful option to keep your stuff safe, whether you need storage for household or commercial purposes. Everything from rent to payments to enquiries to moving, our associated partners assist them.


Homeowners who want to temporarily keep their priceless possessions can use household storage option.


Do you require commercial storage space? These storage facilities were created to help your company grow.

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A Warehouse unit stores personal household goods and business inventory, like furniture, Almirah, documents, seasonal clothes, etc. Also, you can store your car, bike, musical instruments, etc. Explosive items, offensive articles, dangerous inflammable goods, acid cans, perishable items, and corrosive substances are prohibited.
An ideal warehouse must-have features, like 24X7 CCTV camera access, 24X7 monitoring, multiple locked entries to the premises, controlled access of visitors, on-site managers, and security guards, pest control treatments twice a month, insurance on goods, and visits to the premises by prior appointments, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Approximate charges for self-storage services in India start from INR 4500 and go up to INR 25000 per month, depending on the volume and nature of goods.
A Through LogisticMart, you can find and book a safe and secure self-storage unit near you.

Professional and Authorized Godown/Warehouse Services in India

Warehouse Companies in India - LogisticMartLogisticMart provides you with a pool of professional and authorized Warehouse Companies in all cities and towns of India. The companies listed by Logistic Mart are certified and have years of experience in warehousing services. These companies have a strong workforce of qualified and skilled professionals who can execute every function and operation of a warehouse in India with perfection. The listed companies have efficient technological and administrative support and work on the latest WMS (Warehousing Management System). The companies have proficiency as well as experience in providing the widest range of warehousing solutions like household item storage service, storage space for household, storage space for rent, warehouse on rent, warehouse space for rent, godown for rent, self-storage space, and other household storage services at competitive rates. 

Business of Warehousing

Warehouse Logistics can be explained as managing space, planning shipments, and organizing operations in a warehouse in a most perfect way. The efficient warehouse logistics guarantee the best delivery time of products to its customers and cuts down costs in a significant way. 

Types of Godown/Warehouse and services offered by them

There are different types of Warehouse available in the Indian market and they are:-

  1. Public Warehouse/Godown- These types of warehouses are owned by Government bodies and can be lent for business and personal usage. Public warehouses can be a great option for SMB (Small to Medium Size) business houses that want to store goods for a shorter period. 
  2. Private Warehouse/Godown- These types of warehouses are privately owned by manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors and are more expensive than public warehouses. The owners of e-commerce businesses and large retail chains have their own private warehouses. 
  3. Bonded Warehouse/Godown-These types of warehouses are perfect for importers as they can store imported goods duty-free until they find buyers. The importers can also store restricted goods in them till the completion of proper paperwork.
  4. Smart Warehouse/Godown- As the name suggests, these types of warehouses are multifaceted in operations where the storage, fulfillment process, and management are automated through Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this context, automation is referred to every function from management software to robots and drones performing multiple tasks like packing, weighing, storing goods and transportation, etc.
  5. Consolidated Warehouses/Godown-These types of warehousing are most suitable for small businesses and startups and are intended for the same geographical location. In these warehouses, small shipments from different suppliers and manufacturers are grouped together into bigger shipments and are distributed to buyers. It’s an economical option for small business houses as a capital investment and the volume of inventory required is fairly small.
  6. Cooperative Warehouses/Godown-These types of warehouses are owned and run by cooperative organizations. The members of co-operative organizations and other business companies can store goods in them. 
  7. Government Warehouses/Godown-These types of warehouses are owned as well as controlled by Government bodies and charge nominal rates.
  8. Distribution Centers-These types of warehouses are storage spaces that are built for specific requirements. The storage of goods is done for shorter periods and is shifted quickly within the supply chain.

Why Household Storage or Self Storage Services in India? 

Changing the address every time because of extra household storage goods is not the solution. There can be myriad reasons that influence one need to book household storage services in India, like relocation, home renovation, storage of space, etc. 

7 Factors to consider when choosing household storage services in India

1. Storage type - Once you sort your storage goods, the next thing you want to look for is the type of storage unit and its features, like large or small, with climate control, other special features, etc., for better efficiency. You can find and book 100% secure household storage services in Delhi through us by listing your requirements with contact info and fulfilling your storage needs. 

2. Location - As far as the site is concerned, a storage facility in proximity with easy access is better than the remote one if you require regular access to your household goods. On the contrary, if you need access to the stored items only once in a while, location should not be much of an issue.  Moreover, you can get the complete logistics solution through us. Also, you can enjoy easy-shifting with us as we have a strong network of certified and licensed packers and movers who provide complete home shifting in India at affordable prices. 

3. Storage access - As far as accessibility of household goods is concerned, booking a storage facility that operates on a 24/7 basis is imperative.  Some household goods storage services in Gurgaon and other parts of the country run on a 24-hr basis. On the other hand, others remain shut during the weekends and may create inconvenience or demand extra charges for access. 

4. Insurance facility - You need to book a storage unit that provides you compensation in case of any damage, theft, or other misfortunes. If you haven’t insured your items yet, you should get a storage facility that offers an insurance option for those who want to add a layer of protection to their belongings. Moreover, at LogisticMart, we can link you up with the best packers and movers in India and help you to save up to 25% on your move. 

5. Security - No matter how cost-effective a household storage company is, it’s no good if it can’t guarantee the level of security of your household goods. Indeed, every self-storage unit offers protection. You need to look for a company that has extra security features, like a 24-hour security system, intruder alarm systems, CCTV observance, fire management system, etc., for household goods storage in India

7. Aesthetics - A lot of information can be gauged through the physical appearance of a storage facility. A storage unit’s appearance will help you understand whether or not the owner takes the business seriously. Well-maintained self-storage services in India speak for themselves. Never go for a storage unit with structural imperfections or a poorly maintained landscape. It can never be the best option. 

7. Rating and reviews - Rating and reviews can never go wrong in revealing the customer experience. You can check reviews and ratings of companies listed on our portal offering goods storage services in India through our Personalized Dashboard to get actionable insights.

High Tech Surveillance for Stored Goods in Warehouses

The biggest benefit of warehousing is that it protects goods from theft and damage. LogisticMart provides you with service providers who adopt high-tech CCTV Surveillance for monitoring all functions and operations of warehouses. The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are strategically positioned at all relevant places offering 24X7 live video monitoring that reduces all possibilities of theft or untoward incidents. The monitoring of CCTV helps in real-time identification for any act of intrusion or theft that helps authorities in taking appropriate action. It also eliminates the deployment of multiple security guards at warehouses which also lowers their costs.

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