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Summary: Gujarat is the most fascinating and vibrant state of India that depicts the true essence of Growth. The infrastructure of growth laid down by former Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi has fueled the economic growth of this state.Subsequent to the varied growth opportunities many people have a natural inclination to shift in different cities of Gujarat. Reading this blog will aware you of the top cities of Gujarat along with the approximate costs of shifting here.

India is a land of diverse cultures, rich traditions, and a great heritage. The presence of twenty-nine states in India displays a perfect embodiment of unity in diversity. A famous saying describes the diversity in Indian culture:

The language spoken in India changes at every few kilometers just like the taste of the water”

Out of 29 states present in our country India, Gujarat is at the hit-list of many people in 2020 as one of the topmost destinations to settle their lives here. The land of fascinating &alluring sights, scrumptious cuisines, and vast business opportunities present in different cities of this state melts the heart of people and they wish to settle forever in this wonderful state. Do you feel an utter state of chaos as you can’t decide towards which city you should head over to in this state? This blog has been crafted to obliterate all your Ifs and buts as here we will cover the major cities of Gujarat along with the cost of shifting to these cities.


Designated as the largest city and former capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is one of the leading destinations for the residents of India for shifting their homes. This city provides wonderful opportunities to the entrepreneurs for setting up and flourishing their business. This city is one of the major industrial centers of India after Mumbai. The textile industries scattered throughout this city along with the presence of other opportunities such as gems and jewelry export brings this city in the hit-list of the entrepreneurs. The rise of the information technology industry in this city is another major factor that counts for increasing the footfalls of the people in this city. Not only people wish to settle here from across different parts of the city, but also we can see an upsurge in the rate of domestic shifting in Gujarat. For instance: the natives of Surat hire experienced packers and movers in Surat to head over to Ahmedabad.

Approximate Charges of Domestic Shifting from Ahmedabad

Moving Types Approximate cost
One BHK 5000-16000
Two BHK 9000-19000
Three BHK 11000-24000
Four BHK 13000-27000


Surat: Surat is another famous city that has acquired the status of leading commercial and economic hub of the state of Gujarat. This city is extremely famous for the diamond and textile industries and offers great opportunities for trading in apparel like Sari and Suits, etc. Due to the leading commercial center of this state, many people migrate here with the aid of Movers and Packers. Just have a look at approximate Domestic Shifting Charges you need to pay for shifting to Surat.

Approximate Domestic Shifting Charges From Surat

Moving Types Approximate cost
One BHK 9000-20000
Two BHK 11500-23000
Three BHK 12500-27000
Four BHK 17000-33000


Rajkot: Rajkot has emerged as one of the chief cities in the Map of Gujarat. Over the years this city has shown a tremendous rise in its GDP growth rate due to the presence of engineering manufacturing industries. This place is dotted with varied industries such as agricultural-based industries, automotive and chemical industries, and such other manufacturing units. Many people in 2020 will plan to shift to Rajkot from across different parts of India.

Approximate Domestic Shifting Charges From Rajkot

Moving Types Approximate cost
One BHK 7000-10000
Two BHK 11000-18000
Three BHK 18000-25000
Four BHK 25000-30000


Vadodara: Vadodra is one of the leading cities of the Gujarat State. Various large scale industries show their robust presence in this city giving an impetus to the economic growth of many residents residing here. Various development projects present are accountable for the fast growth and development of this city. Look at the approximate domestic shifting costs of packers and movers in Vadodara.

Approximate Domestic Shifting Charges From Vadodra

Moving Types Approximate cost
One BHK 5000-20000
Two BHK 7000-27500
Three BHK 9000-33000
Four BHK 13000-39000


Jamnagar:  Jamnagar is one of the topmost cities of Gujarat state right after Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodra, and Rajkot.Thiscity is home to many oil refineries and is also fabled as the World’s oil city. The presence of oil refineries of Reliance Industries and Nayara Energy are one of the major sources of earning livelihood of various people looking forward to shifting at this place. Various IT and other development projects also provide many opportunities for growth to various individuals.        

Approximate Domestic Shifting Charges From Jamnagar

Moving Types Approximate cost
One BHK 7000-12000
Two BHK 12000-18000
Three BHK 15000-20000
Four BHK 20000-25000


Gandhi Nagar: Right after Ahmedabad and Surat, Gandhi Nagar has emerged out as one of the major cities of Gujarat. The regular infrastructure development in this city has opened up many avenues of growth for people who wish to migrate here. Many small scale industries are present here that fuel the economic growth of the residents of this city. Textiles and mineral-based industries, wood product industries, engineering industries have marked a considerable development leading to the rapid development of Gandhi Nagar.

On evaluating the huge possibilities of growth in this city, many people hire Professional Home Shifting Services. For instance, the natives of Surat prefer to hire experienced home shifting service provider in Surat and proceed to set their lives in Gandhi Nagar.

Approximate Domestic Shifting Charges From Gandhi Nagar

Moving Types Approximate cost
One BHK 8000-19000
Two BHK 9000-24000
Three BHK 10000-29000
Four BHK 15000-31000


  Qualities You Should Look into your Movers and Packers Before Hiring Them:

  • Professionalism: The movers and packers you are planning to hire at the time of shifting should be quite professional. They must be sincere to the needs of their customers and should leave no stone unturned to fulfill the expectations of the customers.
  • Honest and Sincere: The professionals of the concerned moving company must be honest and sincere when it comes to providing household shifting services. They must not have the tendency to steal the goods of their customers for their benefit.
  • Knowledgeable: If you have knowledge of a particular industry, you become aware of the pitfalls of that particular industry. So, the professionals you are planning to choose must be knowledgeable regarding the issues that their customers face at the time of household shifting. Apart from this, they must focus on how to exterminate these hassles and how to provide seamless household shifting experience to the customers.

Different Sources You Should Approach to Before Hiring Packers and Movers:

  • Contact your family members, friends, and other acquaintances at the time of household shifting. Their experience will give you more useful insights on how to find reliable moving organizations.
  •  Professional Platforms to evaluate the services of a particular organization such as Trust Pilot, Google My Business, etc.
  •  Renowned online portals as they act as a mediator between their customers and service providers. LogisticMart, Find Movers, is counted amongst the chief online portals in this industry.

The End Notes:

All in all, Out of different states in India, Gujarat is at the bucket-list of people who are busy making plans for home shifting in 2020. The knowledge of important cities of this state will aid you in deciding which city is the best for you based on your vocational interests. Apart from this, the knowledge of approximate Packers and Movers Cost will help in formulating a flexible budget before hiring Packers and Movers.

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