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It is interesting to note that the goals of an individual and moving organization are interrelated at the time of relocation. Every individual wants to successfully execute the shifting event and every professional organization wants to deliver the best services to its customers. To ensure this, every moving aspirant wants to obtain correct price estimates whereas every moving organization wishes to give correct estimates to its customers. Here, at this point of time, the role and importance of a Pre-move survey cannot be undermined. Therefore, many professional moving organizations focus on conducting a pre-moving survey to give accurate price estimates to its customers. Are you soon migrating from Pune with the help of Packers and Movers in Pune and wants to acquire the benefits of the moving survey? If yes, let’s read on to fetch details about what pre-moving survey is and how it is conducted by a moving organization.

What is Pre-Moving Survey and how it is Conducted by Packers and Movers in Pune?

We all agree that relocation is the most troubling phase of an individual’s life. Therefore, every moving aspirant wants to have an accurate estimate of costs and every moving organization also wants to give factual estimates to its customers. So, pre-move survey is conducted to fulfill the dual interests of customers as well as moving organizations. It is interesting to know how these surveys are conducted by a moving organization:

The process of conducting a pre-moving survey is extremely easy. If you are departing from Pune with the help of packers and movers near me, asking for a pre-moving survey to your moving organization is quite important. Most of the professional movers and packers nowadays follow the practice of conducting a before the moving survey. Let’s consider the steps involved in conducting a pre-move survey for Home Shifting Services In Pune.

  • The concerned moving professionals will fix a particular time and date over the call for conducting a prior moving survey. At the pre-decided date, the professionals of the moving company visit your house to fetch the required details.
  • The professionals of the moving company will take a note of all your valuable possessions and ordinary items that you wish to carry along with you.
  • The shifting staff during the survey will make a list of items that you wish to carry out on the final day of moving. So, if you are willing to discard some items or leave some items behind, put it in the knowledge of moving company professionals. This will help in relieving you from unnecessary stress at the time of the final moving.
  • Another motive of conducting a pre-moving survey is to determine the space required to load your belongings. Therefore, it is advised that a moving aspirant must cooperate and should not make any last-minute changes in the items to be carried out.
  • The moving organization staff cooperates a lot during this survey. They prompt the individuals to ask as many questions as they can. Therefore, every moving aspirant must ask some important questions at this time. Ask about the final date of moving, the delivery time of services, and about the quality of services you are expecting from them.
  • Answer all the questions patiently asked by your moving professionals. They will ask from you if you require availing of insurance services, warehouse and storage services, any extra services required by you, and post-relocation assistance if needed.
  • Based on their queries, and your answers, they will give you a prior estimate of approximate moving charges or costs.

Benefits of Conducting a Pre-Moving Survey by the Packers and Movers in Pune:

Let’s grasp quickly the major benefits of Pre-moving survey so that you can learn the importance of pre-moving survey:

  •  The before-moving survey is quite useful as it helps moving aspirants to decide a fair budget for their moving plans.
  • This survey also helps moving company professionals to understand what services customers want from them.
  • This survey also helps to determine the space for goods required at the time of moving company. Therefore, the professionals of the moving organization arrange sizeable trucks as per their requirements estimated by the moving survey.
  • Conducting this survey leads to less stress on the part of moving aspirants and moving company professionals.
  • This survey offers an opportunity for real-time conversations with the customers.
  • By conducting this survey, the Movers and Packers can arrange the entire moving process quite systematically.

Types of Pre-Moving Survey Conducted by Movers and Packers in Pune to Assist their Customers:

  • Face to Face Pre-moving Survey: This type of survey is conducted by a moving company representative. On a specified date, the professionals of the company visit your home and take a record of all your possessions that you wish to take along with you during relocation.
  • Virtual Pre-Moving Survey: With the advancement in technology, the trend of conducting virtual surveys is increasing. Virtual surveys can be carried out very easily with the help of mobile devices, tablets, or even using desktop computers. The sole purpose of conducting a pre-moving survey is to provide ease to the customers. Therefore, these surveys can be conducted at any time of the day even sitting at remote places.
  • Pre-Moving survey Apps: At present, the pre-moving survey is also conducted by using various apps meant for conducting these surveys. For downloading these apps, you can visit Google Play store and fulfill your desire.

So, depending upon your choice, you can opt for any of the types while carrying out a before-moving survey.


In the nutshell, the importance of a pre-move survey in the accomplishment of relocation plans cannot be exaggerated. So, always give proper time and ask your moving professionals to conduct this survey.



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