Posted Date: 03-02-2020

The word “MOVE” is just a four-letter word but has the power to change the entire life of a person. The other word is “PACK” which is further a nightmare and a challenging task for the relocating person in Chandigarh. The more it is the modern city of India; the more people have the costliest items at their house. As a result of which they face difficulty while packing them in the safest way.


TMoreover, at the time of relinquishing the old house, the most arduous thing is to find out the ways how to move your dog to the new location. This can be even more tedious when the new location is in another state. Hence, before waging this process of shifting, people do prefer to choose the best packers and movers in Chandigarh just to depend upon them for shifting their household items, car, bike, and pets as well.

But once you shift to your new house outside the Chandigarh, the misery involved in the relocating process affects your dog. Because of the unpleasantness of moving and the new environment of the new place makes them passive and doleful. To overcome them from the reminiscent of the old house and help them to adopt the new place, you need to do some of the transition in your place to ease your dog.

So, in this blog, we are illustrating you with the most simple and effective ways of cheering your pets.

Tips to Make Your Dog Adjustable in the New House

  • Do Not Change Your Routine at Your New House: Whatever the changes come after the relocation process to a new city, it is of course natural. But the thing is pets do not understand these changes. But it’s up to you how you can take them back to the normal life. The first and foremost thing to do is not to change the daily routine. Keep it as it was previously at the old house. As usual, wake up in the morning, take your dog to the yard, feed him and go for a walk with him. You need to follow the same pattern in the new place for a couple of weeks. As soon as the dog gets familiar with the routine at the new place, you can make little changes slowly and gradually.  
  • Do Not Need to Buy New Gear: Once you get settled to the new house, you do not need to buy new stuff such as towels, trash cans, furniture for your house for at least one week so that he can feel the old odour out of everything. We solely understand the fact that it is against your hygiene not to dispose the old covers of furniture, bed or water bowls with dings in them but these items are giving the comfort to your dog. So, it will be better not to take them away.  

  • Lots of Loving: You need to give special attention to your dog. This can work wonders like playing with him, walking and just together sounding awesome. That will be what you used to do in the last house. Giving him love to the most extent can divert his restlessness and help him to get over the past things and adopt the new environment.    
  • Carry Treats, Stuffed Kongs and Other Familiar Things at the Time of Departure: Every dog that has already become comfortable at the old place faces difficulties while changing the place. As dogs are the most sensitive animal, so you have to be very careful while leaving them alone at the new house. Try to take him with you whenever you plan to go somewhere if it is possible. In case, you have already planned to go somewhere for a few days then you have to take turns at home in between at least once in a while. This will prevent your dog from getting bored and gloomy. You need to make him in the habit of being alone step by step. First, you can leave him for an hour, then for hours and then at least for the day. In this way, he will learn to stay alone for some days. But remember, you have to leave him with the stuff that he loves the most like a dog bed, crate or blanket etc that he used to live within the old house.    
  • Spend Some Quality-Time With Your Dog: Dogs can easily predict the things by their smell. So, if you want and if it is possible to add that smell at the new house then it should be done. It will work better than spending quality time. But having all the things together can add more glory to him in his stressful time.       
  • Be Patient:  It is the most common thing to understand that being patient and letting dogs adjust with their own process will be the wisest one. Some of the dogs get perfectly fine within a few days and some take months to feel comfortable in a new place. Therefore, you need to have the patience to get things back to normal.   

In a Nutshell

Overall, after availing of the home shifting services in Chandigarh, you need to learn the tricks and tips of making the pets familiar with the new environment in another city if you really a dog lover and love to see your dog happy with you. This will enhance your happiness in the new apartment as well. Separation anxiety is not only common in individuals rather it is more prevalent in dogs as they love unconditionally no matter what it is. Whether it is a person or the environment, dogs get attached to it so frequently and strongly. Thus, it is necessary to understand them and provide them what they want at the new place and treat them like a child at their struggling time. 




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